Art has immense power – to inspire, to challenge, to educate – and it’s one of the rarest connections we have as a species that transcends cultures, languages, and borders.

Creating and maintaining these connections is an integral part of being human

ArtMail was founded in 2016 by Ekaterina Kouznetsova to do just that – create unforgettable connections between artists and collectors. ArtMail is the perfect way to begin your journey into the world of art and discover new artists you won’t find anywhere else!

ArtMail has since evolved into a full-service art company offering everything from accessible art prints to original works from emerging international artists. Each of our artists is hand-selected, referred to us by a global community of ‘art watchers’, and receive generous commissions on every print sent and every original work sold.

Founder Ekaterina works closely with her roster of world-class talent across 20 countries, creating museum-quality prints from select original works. ArtMail subscription print clients are sent art hand-picked for their taste, paired with an in-depth artist interview and certificate of authenticity. Original works are chosen for clients in a similar way, Ekaterina acting as a digital curator connecting collectors with the perfect artworks.

We offer a variety of services for all of your home decor, gifting, and collecting needs! What are you looking for today?

Fine art print subscription
Perfect for the art curious, chic gifting, and easy home decor

Discover artists at your own pace and develop your eye for art. No strings attached – skip a month or cancel anytime for no extra cost. Each giclee (pronounced zhee-klay) print is curated to your style, comes with an artist biography, and gives you access to a wide selection of original works around the world. ArtMail featured artists receive a generous commission on every print sent, creating a sustainable environment to develop their career. Every print is shipped matted or framed and ready to display, saving you time and money. Our subscription plans start at $49 with free shipping anywhere in the US. Subscription clients receive a first look at all new ArtMail Artists.

Curated original artworks
Perfect for art collectors, discovering new artists, and custom home decor

We work directly with our artists to find you the perfect artwork. ArtMail’s extensive international network provides a wide variety of art to choose from, and our art curation services are always free. All artists we work with have shown impressive growth in their career already, and your support is a great investment in their future. Contact Ekaterina directly and get started today with your personal curator!

Single Purchase art prints
Great for gifts, home decor, and office decor

Only need a few prints right this second? No problem! We offer a rotating selection of matted and framed fine art prints from our artists. Shipping is always free to the US, and artists receive the same generous commission on single-prints as our subscription. Check back each month for newly available art!

Join ArtMail today to be inspired, moved, and challenged by art like never before!

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