Diana’s upbringing in a small Lithuanian town inspired her love of nature and free-flowing depictions of the beauty in everyday life. Now living in London, her core style is Expressionist and Impressionist, and mixing styles gives her works lively qualities. Diana’s work is full of bright colors, thick brushstrokes, and vibrant light.


When did you first start making art?

There was no defined line to this as, I have been drawing and painting from a very young age. As far as I can remember I used to draw every day, and used this as a natural way of expressing myself.

How would you describe your style?

I would not like to assign my work to any one style.  My core style of my creativity is Expressionism, although I like to work in Abstract and Realism too. Mixing these styles is my favourite.

How has your art evolved over the years?

Before starting my studies in Vilnius Art Academy my works used to be more realistic, constrained and made on paper. Once I started my painting studies, I discovered a diversity of styles and new mediums, which gave a chance to choose the most suitable and the most natural way to express my-self. In my second year, I fell in love with expressionistic painting, which led to my work being free flowing and freed from any rules. This type of expression remains until now, although I do incorporate different styles and mediums.

What are the inspirations for your art?

I found my current inspiration in every day’s life. I enjoy observing every little thing in my surrounding, noticing variety of colours, shadows, light and smells of nature. People around me, memories from places I visited, my closest surrounding and my own intuitive moments serve as my inspiration. My work is like a diary which helps to record some moments and better understand my-self.

How did living in Lithuania and then moving to the UK influence your art?

I grew up in a beautiful village in Lithuania, where I was surrounded by pure nature. This is why nature will always remain as a major subject of my inspiration. Then living in such a lively city as London gives me lots of new inspirational moments as well as opportunities to visit major exhibitions and participate in variety of art events.

The ever changing environments have influenced many of my pictures. With the calming influence of nature, I have created some delicate flowing pictures, at other times, the harsh reality of buildings and hard line structures have helped me to create geometric organic flowing pictures.

What are some of your favourite artists?

Claude Monet, Lucian Freud, Anselm Kiefer, George Baselitz, Egon Schiele, Marina Abramovic, Tracey Emin as well as some Lithuanians: Arunas Vaitkunas, Audrone Petrasiunaite, Jovita Aukstikalnyte, Rosanda Sorakaite.

What is your creative process like?

First I put some favourite music on and make myself a cup of coffee. My painting starts from reflecting and imagining of how the painting will look like when it is finished. Once I start working on it, my mind jumps into another reality. Sometimes I lose the sense of time, it is like meditation to me.

How long does it take you to complete a painting?

I work about 4 hours a day, then if needed come back to review how it looks. It very much depends on my own feelings and inspiration while painting, and how difficult subject is. It can take from 2 hours to few days. Quite often I overpaint my older pictures a few times and give them a new life.

What is a key element in creating a work?

For me it’s an inner sense of freedom, releasing your mind, from restrictions and stereotypes, which is not always easy to do. I do not like ‘making’ art, I like when hand with brush moves instinctively with no explanations why.

The key element is to simply say what you want to say, being honest to yourself.

 What do you want people to take away from your work? What do you want your work to make them feel?

All people are individuals and feel / view artwork differently. I like it when pictures have their own moods, where people can interpret them in their own way and create their own stories. I would like my artwork to draw them in, helping to inspire them in different ways.


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