See 5 of Van Gogh’s Most Iconic Works – On Facebook


Facebook may be the last place you expect to see fine art, but the National Gallery and Van Gogh’s great-great nephew think differently. 5 of the artist’s Sunflower works will be reunited for the first time in history, and you can watch it all live. This event was created following immense public curiosity in the works at the National Gallery, discussions will explore why these works gained their iconic status, what they meant to Vincent Van Gogh, and what they mean today. These iconic pieces are among the last existing Sunflower paintings, one having been destroyed during an American bombing in Japan.


The National Gallery page will broadcast 5 consecutive 15-minute sessions featuring one painting directed by the museum’s curators. For all of us in the USA, the London time difference makes these sessions fall perfectly into our lunch break at 12:50EST. If you happen to miss these sessions, they will be available for viewing on the page after airing.

If you don’t have enough time to view the sessions, you can experience viewing the works via Sunflowers 360, a 360-degree view of all 5 pieces in the same room accessed through Gear VR and Facebook 360.

“The virtual gallery and live stream now provide a novel way for art lovers, young and old, to admire these magnificent masterpieces, from all corners of the globe.”

-Willem van Gogh

Let us know if you had the chance to catch it and what you thought!

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